DEATH METAL is a horror movie about a metal band that
inadvertently writes a song so evil that anybody who hears it falls under a
deadly curse. It’s EVIL DEAD in the GREEN ROOM.

SHADIA manages a death metal band called ABYSSINISTER. Her boyfriend, IVAN, is
the lead guitarist. Abyssinister has recently returned from a disastrous European
tour. But when everyone else returned to America, Ivan remained overseas, reappearing
several weeks later.

Abyssinister plays their first gig since the tour and, after yet another terrible show,
it’s clear to the other members – DEVIN (bass), KATON (vocals), and BA’AL (drums)
– that it’s time to hang up the band.

But Ivan has a surprise: He and Shadia have convinced FLEMING, a legendary
producer who came out of the Norwegian black metal scene, to work on their next
album. The band agrees to give it one last shot.

Abyssinister is on their tiny metal label’s chopping block. Shadia uses the lure of an
album produced by Fleming to convince RAMSEY, the label’s founder, to give them a
stay of execution. He agrees, but everything is on the line.

Shadia, Abyssinister, and Devin’s girlfriend ANYA drive out to the remote farmhouse
that Fleming has converted into a recording studio, with his tech-savvy assistant JOE
handling the top-of-the-line gear.

Ivan springs his second surprise. He explains that, while in Europe, he tracked down
the last surviving copy of The Devil’s Concerto. According to myth, the COMPOSER
who wrote it only had one performance, at which the audience is said to have gone
mad. Ivan is convinced that using it as a basis for their songs will give them the
album that’ll finally break Abyssinister. Everyone is on board.

But as they work, strange things start to happen around the farm. Shadia sees a
mysterious figure (The Composer) lurking nearby. At first, they think the farm is
haunted. As the horrors continue, though, the band realizes they have accidentally
unleashed the evil curse hidden in the Concerto.

One by one, the band members vanish, only to later re-appear as terrible nightmare
creatures: the grotesques. Shadia races to figure out a way to stop the curse before it
consumes all of them…

DEATH METAL is written and directed by Michael Kuciak. Michael Alden (Unhinged) and Ian Holt (Episode 50, Dracula: The Un-Dead) of Alt-House Productions are producing in partnership with Blast Furnace Media. The ensemble already includes Christopher James Baker (The Purge: Election Year, True Detective), Carmen Gangale (Batman v Superman, Captain American: Winter Soldier), and Shadia Martin (Sweet 16).